Bursaries and Scholarships

With the generous assistance from the various benefactors, NECOM is able to offer bursary and/or scholarship support to students who wish to pursue their musical studies to a high level.

NECOM’s generous benefactors include:

  • Department of Education  (DoE)
  • Aberbaldie Foundation
  • Armidale Youth Orchestra (AYO)
  • Armidale Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS)
  • Rotary Club of Central Armidale
  • Individual private benefactors

Instrumental or vocal students enrolled in NECOM programs or with Music Educator Members of NECOM are eligible to apply for a scholarship or bursary. Information and application forms for a bursary and/or scholarship are sent to all NECOM teachers and Music Educator Member teachers each year to distribute to their students.


NECOM bursaries provide financial assistance to parents to pay for NECOM program fees or to pay lesson fees from their private instrumental/vocal teacher who is a Music Educator Member. NECOM offers a number of different bursaries throughout the year for students who may not be able to continue with their music without some financial help:

Department of Education Bursaries

The New England Conservatorium of Music, through funding support from the NSW Department of Education (DoE) offers a number of bursaries for students of the Conservatorium each year. The bursaries are tenable for the calendar year (ie. Term 1 through Term 4) and provide up to 50% of the program fees for the Foundation Program, Instrumental Program or Mini Minstrels Program fees.

DoE Bursary Conditions 2020

DoE Bursary Application Form 2020

Aberbaldie Bursaries

The Aberbaldie Foundation generously offers bursaries for instrumental and vocal students of the New England Conservatorium and Music Educator Members each year. The bursaries are tenable for the financial year (ie. Term 3 through to end of Term 2 the following year) and provide up to 50% of the Foundation Program or Instrumental Program fees.

Aberbaldie Bursary Conditions 2020-2021

Aberbaldie Bursary Application Form 2020-2021

Choral bursaries

The New England Conservatorium, through proceeds from the biennial New England Sings! project, provides choral bursaries for students enrolled in the NECOM Choral Program each year. The bursaries provide 50% of the program fees for Minisingers, Cantilena Singers or New England Singers.Choral Bursaries 2020 Information

2020 Choral Bursary Application Form

Bursaries are assessed on each individual application (strictly confidential) made by parents or the student and must include documentation of proof of income, without which the application is ineligible. Scholarships

NECOM & NSW Department of Education Scholarships (instrumental or vocal)

DoE scholarships provide substantial extension opportunities for gifted and talented musicians who demonstrate advanced achievement, commitment and potential. Scholarship activities may include invaluable training opportunities such as masterclasses and workshops with visiting guest musicians and teachers, free tickets to concerts, or discounts on instrument hire. The Information and application forms for a scholarship are sent to all NECOM teachers and Music Educator Member teachers each year. Parents are advised to discuss this with their child’s teacher before making an application.

2020 DoE Scholarship Requirements

2020 Scholarship Application Form

NECOM Instrument Loans for Scholarship Students

To further assist talented string scholarship students achieve their potential, NECOM offers a limited Instrument Loan program of professional standard instruments. These instruments have been bequeathed or donated to NECOM, or are on permanent loan. Valued at over $155,000 the collection includes violins, violas, cellos and bows. String students who have been awarded a DoE/NECOM scholarship are also eligible to apply for a loan and are requested to read through the information and complete an application form below.

2020 String Scholarship Instrument Loan Application form

2020 String Scholarship Instrument Loan Program Information

Endangered Instrument Scholarships

NECOM, in conjunction with the Armidale Youth Orchestra, offer annual scholarships for ‘endangered’ instruments in the Armidale Youth Orchestra. The targeted endangered instruments are currently oboe, bassoon, double bass, French horn and trombone. The scholarships provide 50% of a 30-minute lesson program fee plus 100% of the instrument hire fee for 12 months. Recipients are expected to be members of (or be willing to join) the Armidale Youth Orchestra (AYO), the Armidale Youth String Orchestra (AYSO) or the Armidale Youth Wind Ensemble (AYWE) on their endangered instrument.

2020 Endangered Instrument Scholarship Requirements

2020 Endangered Instrument Scholarship Application form

Conductor Mentoring Program Scholarships

The New England Conservatorium of Music provides extension activities and support for emerging student conductors through its Choral Conductor Mentoring Program.  This program provides a specialised enrichment opportunity for students, including weekly mentoring with the resident ensemble Director(s) during rehearsals, masterclasses with visiting prominent conductors, general workshops, in addition to other training and performance opportunities as they arise throughout the year.

The program is open to Year 11 students enrolled in the New England Singers at the New England Conservatorium of Music. Preference is given to students who have demonstrated long-term commitment to their ensemble.

Conductor Mentoring Program Requirements 2020

Conductor Mentoring Program Application Form

Rotary ADFAS Tertiary Music Scholarship

Through NECOM, the Rotary Club of Central Armidale and Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society, Armidale (ADFAS) offer an annual scholarship of $1500 for a student studying music or music education at tertiary level. The student must have completed Year 12 at one of Armidale’s six secondary schools. The scholarship is tenable at an Australian tertiary music institution approved by the NECOM in association with the Rotary Club of Armidale Central and the ADFAS, Armidale.

The recipient would normally have been studying a musical instrument, composition or voice for 7-12 years and have received recognition for his/her ability. The recipient may have also displayed other ability such as conducting and have participated in orchestral, chamber music or vocal music activities at school and in the wider community.

Rotary ADFAS Tertiary Music Scholarship 2018