Music Therapy Program

Music Therapy is the planned use of music-based interventions to assist clients in achieving non-musical therapeutic goals.

It is an allied health profession and can be effective for clients with a range of needs - social, emotional, motor, sensory and cognitive.

The New England Conservatorium’s Music Therapy Program was established in 2011 and is unique in Armidale and the New England area.

The Music Therapy Program provides individual and group music therapy sessions for children and adults with a range of needs in the following programs:

  • Music Therapy Sessions for adult individuals or groups (user pays basis) in partnership with The Ascent Group
  • Growing through Song workshops for secondary students in the Armidale High School Support Unit
  • Side-by-Side Choir at Armidale High School Support Unit
  • Private consultation and assessment
  • Early Intervention and School Transition Programs  with PEDAL in many pre-schools and infants schools
  • Program for Adults with Dementia in partnership with Autumn Lodge

NECOM presents individual and group music therapy programs for children and adults with disabilities, brain injury, age-related diseases, early childhood music programs and early intervention programs. It also includes residential aged care work – the planned, implemented and evaluated individual and group music therapy programs for older adults with dementia and other age-related diseases; and working with children on the Autism Spectrum to improve communication, social skills, gross and fine motor skills and sensory integration.

Depending on the needs of the client, NECOM's Music therapy programs offer the following options:

  • Individual programs
  • Group Programs – for clients or group work with family or developing relationships with others

All clients are provided with:

  • An initial assessment that will include a report and an individually designed music therapy program
  • 9-week block of sessions each term (4 terms each year)
  • Evaluation – an evaluation of whether goals have been met and any recommendations for future input

Many of our clients now access music therapy at NECOM using their NDIS funding, and we look forward to working with a wider range of people under this new funding structure.

As NECOM works towards meeting the goals in our Accessibility Action Plan, we hope to make improvements to the accessibility of a range of NECOM programs and raise awareness of the options available at NECOM for people with disability. Stay tuned for updates!

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