April Kelson’s Studio Concert with Bonus Chamber Music

On Monday evening, the 9th April, a concert was held featuring students who participate in the chamber music program or who learn with April for their private lessons.

There were performances from Rainbow Notes, a String Trio featuring Neve Dougherty, Nathea Ping-Kee, and India Smith; and from Womble Ensemble, another String Trio, this time featuring Ruby Straker, Will Rowe-Dawson, and Lauren Fenton.

There were also solo performances, accompanied by Robyn Bradley, from Lilly Edmonds on Viola, and Myrsini Callia, Mem Lay and Alex Webber on Violin. There was also a performance from adult student Marcia de Silva, demonstrating that it’s not just children that can learn new skills! Mem and her cello-playing little brother Boki also performed for us, playing a duet that they will play in the Armidale Eisteddfod in a few weeks.

The Chamber Music program will undergo some changes in the next term, moving from a fixed Thursday time to a more flexible, scheduled time which must suit only the members of the ensemble and the teacher. Student groups can also select the length of their lesson – because the sessions will no longer be shared, all the time will be in the presence of the teacher. Hopefully, these changes will allow more individuals and groups to participate in the Chamber Music program. If you or your child would like to participate in Chamber Music, please contact NECOM to register your interest, and participants will be matched with each other to form appropriate groups.