Armidale Secondary College Strings

Armidale Secondary College Strings (formerly Armidale High and Duval High String Group) gave an outstanding debut performance at the recent Armidale Eisteddfod.  They have been working hard with NECOM conductors Laura Curotta and Robert Jackson, supported with great dedication by their school music teachers Dr Inga Brasche and Mr Bruce Myers.  Although the two schools will not be combining until 2019, the coming together of musicians and teachers from both schools to form this dynamic ensemble should be seen as a sign of great things to come.  The group is inclusive of all abilities and repertoire is arranged so that all students who are keen to perform, can.  Laura and Robert would like to thank Dr Brasche and Mr Myers for their ongoing support of the students and of this wonderful combined project.  A special thank you to Mr Myers who collects the students by bus each Tuesday morning to bring them to rehearsal and to Dr Brasche for providing breakfast.