Cantilena Tour to Ross Hill Public School

On Wednesday, August 27, Cantilena singers visited Ross Hill Public School for a special choral workshop.

The students in the Ross Hill Years 3 and 4 choir have been working on two pieces “Mosquitoes” and “Skye Boat Song” with music teacher Nicole Mackson.¬† Ross Hill students had the opportunity to work with Cantilena conductor, Connie Dunham on the two set pieces and enjoy some fun music games along the way! Our accompanist for the day was Deidre Rickards with Stuart Pavel providing much-needed page-turning expertise and moral support. This culminated in a combined concert watched by all of the Ross Hill school community.

Cantilena conductor, Constance Dunham said of the excursion to Ross Hill that the experience for both choirs was invaluable, giving them the opportunity to work with other singers outside of their usual school setting.

Cantilena members enjoyed the day and said they most enjoyed:

How nice the people at the school were and that it was fun singing with new people. – Saho Brown

How they were very accepting of everyone and how we got to meet new people. – India Smith

The school very generously provided morning tea and lunch for the choristers and everyone enjoyed the day.

Nicole Mackson