Chamber Ensembles Concert

The Chamber Music students presented a very enjoyable concert this term on the evening of the 12th September. The concert encompassed performances from the youngest musicians at 10 years old, to university age players who performed as part of the UNE Colleges Ensemble.
The concert began with a staff performance that featured the Kazoo stylings of NECOM’s Marketing Guru, Kate Reynolds. Kate had a crucial role in the performance of Sesame Street Suite for Violin, Bassoon and Kazoo by Paul Marshall.
The next performance was from our youngest group in the program. Llama Musicali features Ned Rowe-Dawson on violin, Lulu Thompson on Cello and Kyanna Ping-Kee on piano. Kyanna was unable to attend the concert but Ned and Lulu performed their piece called ‘The Horse’s Branle.’ A Branle is a Renaissance-era courtly dance – however it is unlikely that any horses were involved in the dancing of it. In this performance Paul Marshall filled in for Kyanna and supported the young players wonderfully.
Our next group in age is Fromaggio, which currently features Jennifer Sung and India Smith on violins and Arlie Bragg on cello. Jennifer was unable to attend the performance so I played her part. The ensemble played very well, producing a refined and controlled performance of the first movement, ‘Soave’ from Trio no. 4 in D Major for Two Violins and Basso Continuo by Telemann.
Our Womble Ensemble is a string quartet featuring Will Rowe-Dawson and Ronan Branagan on violins, Theo Devos-Vernes on viola, and Lauren Fenton on cello. It was evident from their excellent rendition of a ‘Sailors Dance’ from Grieg’s Lyric Pieces that group has progressed significantly since their last performance. Their ensemble was tight and focused, with dynamics and intonation both very good.
The members of the Platinum Ensemble have been performing together for a number of years now, with a few changes of personnel. Madi Smith is a founding member, having begun chamber music lessons at around age 10. She first performed as part of a duo, and then with the addition of current violist Juliet Knuckey, Ensemble Scorch was formed. Scorch was re-named Triple Platinum when Keeley O’Connor joined as a cellist. After Keeley’s departure, the group was joined by cellist Charlotte Thomas and violinist Jamie You to become a quartet. At this concert, Ensemble Platinum performed the first and second movements from Mozart’s Divertimento No. 3 in F Major.
The UNE College Ensemble, coached by Robert Jackson, performed as the finale of the concert. This group performed the Rondo movement from Haydn’s String Quartet Op. 33 No. 3 ‘The Bird’, and Oblivion by Argentinian composer Piazolla.
There is always space for our chamber music program to expand, so if you or anyone you know would like to be included as part of an ensemble, just register your interest with the NECOM administration and you will be contacted when there is a group available for you.
April Kelson