The New England Conservatorium of Music (NECOM) was established in late 2003 and commenced program delivery in 2004. It is a not-for-profit company (limited by guarantee) run by a volunteer Board of Directors. As one of seventeen regional conservatoriums in NSW, NECOM receives funding from the Department of Education (DoE) to provide extensive music education and performance programs to pre-school, K- Yr 12 students, schools and teachers. In addition it provides services to community adults and music organisations, and private music teachers through its Music Educator Member Program.

Through its extensive core programs and special projects, NECOM will bring music to over 5,500 New England region school students and concert performances to audiences numbering 5,000 though:

  • Mini Minstrels Program - pre-school and early childhood education.
  • K-Year 12 school music programs supporting the NSW music curriculum.
  • Instrumental, choral and ensemble programs.
  • Professional Development programs for pre-school, classroom, studio and music specialist teachers + musicians.
  • Aboriginal education programs including Early Childhood classes in primary schools and a Mentoring Program in secondary schools.
  • Music Therapy programs for children and adults with disabilities.
  • Community and school enrichment programs/events eg 2017 Music & Literacy Project.
  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Masterclasses & Workshops
  • Instrument Hire
  • Special Projects - New England Sings! Choral Showcase; Childrens Chorus for Opera Australia
  • Regional Conservatorium Initiatives with Sydney Opera House: Opera Australia Orchestra Project; Orchestra Workshop with Concertgebouw; Orchestra Workshop with London Symphony

Community support to NECOM Public Fund allows NECOM to continue to grow and deliver programs to remote communities and allows NECOM to deliver music education to a wider audience.

As a registered charity under ACNC (Registration no. 16104329446), NECOM is eligible to receive non-specific tax deductible donations under NECOM Public Fund.

If you would like to contribute to the NECOM Public Fund, please contact Sophie Williams, Finance Manager on 6788 2138 or transfer to:

Account Name: NECOM Public Fund

BSB: 932000

Acc: 694170 (S30.1 if transferring from Regional Australia Bank)

Reference: Your name – Donation