Gondwana Audition Preparation Course

Keen students have again lined up for the 2018 round of Gondwana Choir auditions, continuing NECOM’s long-standing connection with this national choral program. In recent years, so many Armidale students have made it into the Sydney-based choirs that founding director, Lyn Williams, now introduces the local students annually as having come from the “state of Armidale”.

One of the most important stages in making it into the national program is successfully navigating the audition process. This year, four sessions of mock auditions were facilitated by Corinne Arter and Russ Bauer, with students receiving tips in sight-singing, pitching and general preparation.

NECOM wishes all students the very best for this year’s selection round, and look forward to hearing positive results as an outcome of the auditions held on Saturday, 1st September.