HSC Music Workshops

HSC music students and their teachers had the opportunity to hone their skills for their HSC music exam during the October school holidays. Each day the students revised a different musical concept and then practised different response formats using past HSC questions. Students then shared their answers to build sample responses. NECOM Program Manager Corinne Arter presented the workshops which have been run annually for the past ten years.

" HSC music workshops with Corinne were honestly a lifesaver! She makes everything easy to understand and breaks it down into checklists and formulas that ensure we can tackle any question. It was also really great getting to work with other music students from around Armidale who were all in the same boat. I couldn’t have completed my exam with confidence without these workshops!"
Isla Biffin, PLC Armidale

"An amazing experience that helped me truly understand the music concepts to answer question four without hesitation."
Erin Page, TAS

"The HSC music workshops gave great insight into how to break down the HSC exam questions into fundamental parts. This gives a clear structure on how to successfully navigate the exam questions. The clarity of presentation was exceptional. Corinne brings her expertise in this field to great use in assisting the students preparation for their exams."
Alastair Finco, NEGS Music Teacher