Instrumental Studies through UNE

NECOM and UNE have developed an exciting partnership where students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music can undertake instrumental tuition under the guidance of highly experienced NECOM staff.

As Australia’s premiere provider of online undergraduate tertiary music studies, this program is unique to UNE; now one of the only regional universities that provides face-to-face music tuition alongside a fully online Bachelor of Music degree. This partnership provides local students the opportunity to combine traditional instrumental or vocal tuition with a range of online units in performance, composition, music technology, and musicology, delivered by UNE staff through the online learning platform. Students can take advantage of on-campus UNE staff and activities, in addition to participating in a larger music community through the online learning environment.

The Instrumental/Vocal Studies program offers a series of six advanced performance training units over the course of the 3-year Bachelor of Music at UNE. Utilising NECOM’s skilled performer-teachers, each unit incorporates weekly one-on-one instrumental lessons alongside a host of activities provided by NECOM. These activities include participation in large and small ensembles, master classes and workshops with world-class special guest musicians, accompanying and/or conducting work, and concerts and public performances. Students can also develop skills in performance management, ensemble development, and community music through their own initiatives with the support from both NECOM and UNE.

The units are offered in Trimesters 1 and 2 to align with the NECOM semesters. They explore the repertoire and essential skills in musical technique, expression and performance appropriate to the student’s individual development. Students focus on the stylistic and interpretative characteristics of repertoire as well as performance planning, individual preparation, practice, and rehearsals by taking part in a range of musical activities including ensemble participation. Throughout the trimester, students will keep a logbook of performance, practice, planning and rehearsal activities, culminating in a live performance at the end of the unit.

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