NECOM Receives Donation from Regional Australia Bank Community Partnership Program

NECOM has been awarded a grant of $2599.78 from the Regional Australia Bank Community Partnership Program.  The cheque was presented at the Reg Aust Bank event at the Golf Club on Thurs 8 August.

The Community Partnership Program allows members to support their local community by transacting with a selected savings account and nominating their choice of organisation from a list of almost 1,000 registered groups and causes. This donation comes directly from our families and community members who nominate NECOM as their preferred organisation to support.

NECOM is very grateful to receive donations from the RAB Community Partnership Program over the past few years, with 2019 being the largest donation yet. NECOM would like to sincerely thank the Regional Australia Bank and the wider community of families and friends of the Conservatorium who have made these donations possible.

We invite any families who have not yet chosen their favourite organisation to support, please think of NECOM and tick our box next time you are doing with RAB.