Paul Marshall’s Wind Report

AYWE report:

It has been an exciting term for the newly reformed Wind Ensemble. At the moment there is a small group of very talented and eager students on a wide range of instruments, which we will hopefully continue to grow over the coming years!  We concluded the term with our first performance at the annual AYO Garden Party, performing music from Swan Lake and Danse Macabre, finishing with Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


2018 is the year of the clarinet in Armidale!  Clarinet is a wonderfully versatile instrument – easy to get started and capable of playing in many styles and groups. I am particularly fond of chamber music (playing in small groups), but clarinets are seen as soloists, in orchestras, as well as concert and jazz bands. After a recent demonstration of the clarinet and bass clarinet at St Mary’s I was overwhelmed with interest and questions – a very promising reaction.   If you are interested in the clarinet – this is a great time to start!