Percussion Classes at NECOM

With the same fervor that usually greets the arrival of a new-born baby, we were thrilled to unpack a range of new percussion instruments at NECOM this week. To our existing range of instruments we’ve now added concert tom-toms, a concert glockenspiel and a 5-octave marimba. With new music on its way (scored specifically for percussion ensembles) we are now calling for students to nominate their interest in learning percussion through NECOM. Lessons will be available for tuned (eg xylophone, marimba) and untuned (snare drum, drum kit) instruments, with plans to hold a weekly Percussion Ensemble rehearsal each Thursday from 5 – 6.15pm. Students who have reached at least Grade 3 standard on piano are ideally suited to the art of percussion, but we’re equally keen to hear from any students who have an interest in joining a very unique kind of musical ensemble.