Return of Susanne James as CEO

It is with great pleasure on behalf of the board I can announce that Susanne James has returned to NECOM as its CEO.     For those of you who are not aware Susanne was CEO of NECOM for over 5 years prior to her retirement in 2017.

We were very fortunate that Susanne agreed at short notice to come out of retirement and with her husband Malcolm move from Sydney back to Armidale following the earlier than expected departure of Russell Bauer.

Susanne’s appointment is for 18 months ensuring stability, continuity and experience will prevail at NECOM during a period when the NECOM program of activities is quite literally “jam packed”.    When I announced Susanne’s appointment to the NECOM staff earlier this week it was met with universal acclaim such is the esteem that she is held within the organisation.

NECOM’s core business is music education through the provision of outstanding music education and performance programs to pre-schoolers, K – 12 students, teachers and schools.   In addition it provides services to community adults and music organisations, and private music teachers through its Music Educator Member Program.   With Susanne at the helm the board is confident that NECOM’s significant reputation in these areas will continue to flourish and grow.

Please join me in welcoming Susanne, and Malcolm, back to NECOM and Armidale.

Greg Moin