Rusty Singers perform at NERAM

As part of the recent Senior’s Week celebrations, the Rusty Singers choir visited NERAM on the morning of Wednesday March 20. They sang in the room where the Hinton collection is hung. This had a lovely ambience indeed for an intimate concert.  Four contrasting pieces were performed to an appreciative small audience. Inge Southcott conducted and Robert Manley accompanied on keyboard and cello.

Inge then talked about the fascinating research on the benefits of choral singing due to its effects on the brain and the endocrine system. With the various high-tech scans available, researchers are able to watch what happens when we sing. Larger areas of the brain light up when we sing, compared to when we speak. This brain stimulation improves memory, and it even helps the halting speech in people with Parkinsonism. Hormones are released that improve one’s mood, reduce stress, boost the immune system and encourage bonding between people.  It certainly develops a feeling of belonging which Rusty Singer members have commented on themselves since we started the choir last year.

The highlight of the session was when the audience was invited to sing with the choir in some lively canons.  No one could resist and it was fun. And the great news is that several audience members have now signed up for Term 2 which starts on Wednesday May 1st!