Solo Soirees Wrap up 2019

At the end of each year NECOM students celebrate their year’s musical studies by performing in six soirees for friends and family. Their performances are an entertaining recognition of their development as young musicians across the year. The progress made by the students is an inspiration to their teachers, families and especially themselves as they can see how their commitment and focus on their music ‘pays off’.

This year, NECOM presented six soirees featuring over 120 students, some who are just beginning their musical studies at the age of five through to adults who now have the time to tick off one of the items on their bucket list – to learn to play an instrument and make music.

Congratulations to all our students for their wonderful performances – they are on the journey of becoming musicians and each concert takes them closer to their goal. And a special thanks to their parents and families who support them in their quest.

A feature of these concerts is that the teachers also perform either as soloists or with colleagues in an ensemble for their students and audience – this has become a very popular tradition in NECOM soirees over the last few years.

The care and dedication their teachers and accompanists gave them to reach their goal to perform is outstanding. Thank you and congratulations to Head of Strings Joanna Fairs-Wu and String staff Laura Curotta, Rob Jackson, April Kelson and Jhana Allan; to Wind staff Paul Marshall, Louisa Sindel-Marshall, James McKay, Vanessa Bartley-Heterick and Wendy Champion; piano teacher Sheila Guymer; and to accompanists Robyn Bradley, Kees Grenyer and Nicole Mackson.