Song Writing Workshops


NECOM’s second song writing course has sold out in 5 hrs! The response to the first song writing course with Luke Byrne was incredible and sold out in less than 24 hours! Luke agreed to add a second course for those who missed out. Bookings opened on Thursday 3 September and sold out by 4pm.

Song Writing Course No 2 with Luke Byrne
Learn song writing from Australian composer and song writer Luke Byrne in this unique 6 week course at NECOM that covers the essential song writing foundations and techniques with the goal of recording your final composition.

Luke Byrne is a Sydney-based composer whose recent commissions include Earthrise, Capricorn and Desert Sea for Sydney Philharmonia, Storm Bird, Buruwan Elegy and Birinyi for Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Where Sails Once Flew for Adelaide Chamber Singers. Luke also writes songs across a range of genres, including for children's television, theatre and even school songs. In 2018, Luke’s musical Between the Sea and Sky was selected for the New York Musical Festival where it won awards including Best Musical and Outstanding Music. Luke is also a musical director in theatre whose credits include The Harp in the South, Muriel’s Wedding and Chimerica for Sydney Theatre Company and The Events and Hamlet for Belvoir St.

6-week Course:         5 x 1 hour sessions on Wednesdays via Zoom + Recording workshop IN PERSON on a Sunday.
Wk 1-5:                     Wed 14, 21 & 28 Oct; 4, 11 & 18 Nov at 5:00–5:45pm including Open Q&A from 5:45-6:00pm
Wk 6:                        Sunday 22 November, 9:00 – 4:00pm at NECOM. Workshop to rehearse, perform and record.
Eligibility:                  Open to secondary school students with some music reading ability
Number:                   Strictly limited to 10 participants only so book early and don’t miss your spot!
Fee:                           $120 * Eligible for Creative Kids Voucher
To book:          

* Initial impressions and observations of songs of several styles, understanding the continuity of ‘folk’ music and ‘popular’ music, i.e. they have the same word stem and are music of ’the people’.
* Lyrics: how is writing lyric text different to writing prose text, poetry or spoken dialogue. Rhyme schemes, foot and syllable count, understanding the naturalistic setting of text in songs, and above all: simplicity and repetition.
* Setting lyric text to music: pitch contour, rhythm, stressed and unstressed syllables: how these things give rise to melody, and the fundamental binary of Verse and Chorus.
* Extending your melody and aligning it with harmony, i.e. chord progressions, expanding a basic triadic harmony with added notes like 7ths and 9ths or with suspensions. By now you will have (at least) the text of a verse and chorus, the vocal melody for these and chord progressions to accompany them.
* Instrumentation: the basics of piano, guitar, bass and drums

More course information? Email NECOM Program Manager Corinne Arter: or call 6788 2139

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