The Bowmaster Trophy

The Bowmaster Trophy is a trophy issued to the student showing the best bowing technique during a single rehearsal of the Boorolong String ensemble. Developing an excellent bow technique is an ongoing and challenging task for any string student, which requires constant attention to detail and to instructions from one’s teacher.
The awarding of the Bowmaster Trophy was begun by Marian Barford during her time steering the Foundation String Program in NECOM’s first decade. In this era, the Boorolong String Orchestra was called Supersmart Semibreves, with the groups for players in their first and second years of playing being Cool Crotchets and Mini Minims. Many of our successful graduates of this program were early recipients of this award, including Jonathan Bruhl, David Tan, Lucy Quast, Izzyy Emanuel, Randall Bollenhagen and Ziggy Harris. Reintroduced to Boorolongs this term, the trophy was received happily by the first four recipients of 2019; Kate Loxley, Myrsini Callia, Jade Foster, and Liora Johnson.