Umberto Clerici Cello Masterclass

On the 3rd of April, Umberto Clerici, prize winner from the Tchaikovsky Competition and Solo Cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, was picked up from the Airport by our NECOM Director and ushered into G31 to a room of excited Cellists, their families and their teachers. Clerici determined the fairest way for who was to play first was determined by who had the first birthday in the year. The order was set…..

Abi Thompson performed the Prelude from Bach’s suite in G major. After Abi had played, Clerici focused on working through the polyphony of the Prelude.

“Try pizzicato practice to better hear the harmonies…. build the harmony and show the differences”

“No accents on the top notes…… like you don’t pull feathers from a duck!”

Later in the Masterclass, Emma Dauparas perfomed Oblivion by Piazolla. and Laura Smitham performed the first 3 dances from Bella Bartok’s Romanian Folk Dances. Thanks go to Li Ling Chen on Piano in the Masterclass.

Clerici talked about several technical aspects of playing Cello but emphasized the importance of using the bow.

“Like a painter paints his canvas………use all the bow!”

His love of the Cello glowed through his approach and the care that he took with all the Student performers. Thank you Musica Viva and NECOM for bringing him to Armidale!