Vanessa Bartley-Heterick

Vanessa is a brass specialist and a highly experienced primary and secondary music teacher. Vanessa joined the NECOM staff in 2019 when she moved to Armidale to complete her PhD in education at UNE after receiving an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship

Vanessa is a highly experienced educator with a belief that every student should be provided with the opportunity to achieve success in learning. With more than 24 years of experience in teaching and leadership in education in Queensland, Vanessa has made an invaluable contribution to NECOM’s growing wind and ensemble units and school band programs.

Vanessa’s first instrument is trombone and she has been a multi instrumental teacher specialising in brass in primary and secondary schools in Queensland from 1995-2018. Since 2014, Vanessa has also been a Phonetic Literacy Specialist and professional learning facilitator.