Wind and Brass Program Report

2017 has been an amazing year, very busy but very rewarding.  There have been so many great performances.

The wind and brass program continues to grow and I am very excited about the reformation of the Armidale Youth Wind Ensemble next year! I am looking forward to working with some outstanding and enthusiastic students in this ensemble. I have some challenging and interesting music selected which I’m sure will please performers and audiences.

This year saw the Huff ‘n’ Puffs continue to improve, concluding with our Christmas concert where the group tackled more technically and musically advanced music. There is always a great deal of energy in the Huffs and it has been great seeing that come through to the performances more and more.

This year we have focused on finding some new students on the more uncommon instruments – Armidale now boasts 3 student bassoonists!  Next year I hope to find some new clarinets players – perhaps starting with some small groups.  Clarinet is a fantastic instrument, it is very flexible and can play in many styles and many different instrumental ensembles.  We have clarinet players in AYO, AYWE and Huff ‘n’ Puffs.

Wishing you all a happy holiday. I am looking forward to another busy and exciting year next year.

Kind regards,