Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

NECOM is proud to offer a wide range of lessons from its talented staff of qualified teacher-musicians, many of whom are also specialists in music education for children and adults. Click onto 'Our Staff' page for detailed information on our teachers.

Enrolment with NECOM provides not only a one-on-one lesson with a teacher but many additional benefits including in-house concerts, bursaries and scholarships, generous fee discounts for families and subsidised instrument hire.

Make 2021 your year to start or continue your music studies as making music and playing with others is such an enjoyable and precious part of our lives - we value this more than ever after the covid restrictions of 2020. Continuing students will receive their enrolment information in mid-January 2021 and new students are invited to complete an online enrolment - click on the ENROL tab and fill in the form. NECOM administration will contact you when received.

NECOM offers instrumental or vocal lessons to children (usually 5 years upwards) through to adults by its experienced professional teacher-musicians in:
*Brass               trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba
*Strings             violin, viola, cello, double bass
*Voice               classical, jazz, music theatre
*Woodwind       flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone

NECOM provides two program options for enrolment that cater to the student's age and level.

1. Foundation Program
A wholistic program to nurture the full development of young musicians from the outset of their learning. For beginner children in K-Yr 6, the Foundation Program establishes the vital foundations needed to create young musicians who love music and confidence in performance. The sequential program provides the combination of experiences needed to lay down the best music foundations possible for young musicians - individual lessons with highly qualified and experienced NECOM teachers, ensemble playing, piano accompaniment tutorials and concerts. The program offers lessons in brass, piano, strings and woodwind. Enrolment includes:

  1. Individual lessons                   8 x 30 minute instrumental lessons each term is given at the NECOM campus or at schools (parents to receive approval from the principal)
  2. *Ensembles                            Weekly 45 minute tutorials with conductor/accompanist each term (Tues 4-4.45 OR Thurs 4-4.45pm)
  3. Piano accompaniment           1 x 30 minute tutorial with a NECOM accompanist each term (except in the case of the piano program)
  4. Concerts                                 2-4 Solo and Ensemble concerts each year provide essential performance training
  5. Semester reports                   A progress report from the instrumental teacher

2. Instrumental & Vocal Lessons Program
For students through to adults, this program offers individual lessons and concert performance opportunities. Students may opt to join an ensemble in addition to this program at an additional fee.

  1. Individual lessons                   9 x 30, 45 or 60 minute instrumental lessons each term is given at the campus by NECOM teachers or at schools
  2. Concerts                                 2-4 concerts annually  to develop confidence, stage presentation and performance skills
  3. Reports                                   Semester reports from instrumental/vocal teachers on students progress
  4. Ensembles (Extra)                   Options for intermediate and advanced ensemble enrolments (additional fee required)

Enrolment as a NECOM instrumental or vocal student provides the following benefits:
* subsidised instrument hire
* bursary assistance for students
* fee discounts for families with multiple children enrolled in programs
* scholarships for talented students
* masterclasses and workshops with guest musicians and composers
* student workshops including scale parties, mock exam practice, audition techniques etc
* lessons at the NECOM Campus or in schools (parents must seek approval from the Principal)

Fees and Enrolment
Please contact the NECOM office on 6788 2135 to discuss any questions you have about choosing the appropriate instrument and teacher, 2021 fees and applications for bursaries or scholarships.

2020 NECOM Educator Members
NECOM has a unique partnership with private studio teachers in Armidale and the region, many of whom teach instruments that NECOM is unable to provide. If you are interested in learning an instrument from a private teacher please click on the link 2020 NECOM Educator Members.