NECOM supports a large staff of outstanding musicians and teachers who deliver instrumental, choral, ensemble conducting, accompaniment, music therapy and early childhood teaching at NECOM campuses and various schools in the New England region. NECOM's range of teaching options complement the teaching services provided by private teachers and NECOM Music Educator Members: 2019 NECOM Educator Members


Joanna Fairs-Wu, Head of Strings violin, viola
Laura Curotta violin, viola
Robert Jackson cello
April Kelson violin, viola, chamber ensemble
Arlene Fletcher double bass, guitar
Jhana Allan violin, viola


Paul Marshall flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, wind ensembles
Wendy Champion flute


Paul Marshall trumpet, trombone, school band & wind ensembles

Mini Minstrels Early Childhood  + School Curriculum Support Programs

Peta Bale and April Kelson Mini Minstrels
April Kelson and Robyn Bradley Armidale City PS Choirs and Classroom Program
Laura Curotta Armidale City PS Orchestra Program
Laura Curotta and Robert Jackson Armidale Secondary College String Program
Fumie Takahashi Armidale HS Support Unit Music Program
Laura Curotta Ben Venue PS Orchestra Program
Robert Jackson Duval HS String Program
Paul Marshall and Wendy Champion Glen Innes PS Instrumental Program
April Kelson Martins Gully PS Orchestra Program
April Kelson and Robyn Bradley Martins Gully PS Choral Program
Laura Curotta, Robert Jackson NEGS String Program
Laura Curotta, Robert Jackson, Paul Marshall NEGS Stage 4 Instrumental Program
Joanna Fairs-Wu and Robert Jackson PLC String Program
Paul Marshall PLC Year 5/6 Wind Program
Jhana Allan, Paul Marshall, Wendy Champion PLC Year 7 Instrumental Program
Joanna Fairs-Wu, Robert Jackson and Laura Curotta PLC HSC Chamber Program
Michael Simpson and Nicole Mackson Ross Hill PS Classroom Program
Paul Marshall TAS Big Band, TAS FanTAStics, TAS Senior Jazz
Joanna Fairs-Wu, Robert Jackson and Laura Curotta TAS String Program
Joanna Fairs-Wu, Jhana Allan and Robert Jackson Waldorf String Program


Minisingers Nicole Mackson and Kees Grenyer
Cantilena Singers Constance Dunham and Warwick Dunham
Cantilena Singers Chorale Constance Dunham and Warwick Dunham
New England Singers Leanne Roobol and Robyn Bradley
New England Chamber Choir Phil Oxley and Robyn Bradley
Conductor Mentoring Program Phil Oxley
Side-by-Side Peer Choir Rowena Teege & Warwick Dunham

Foundation Ensembles

Tilbuster Winds & Brass Paul Marshall
Puddledock String Ensembles Laura Curotta and Nicole Mackson
Boorolong String Ensembles April Kelson and Robyn Bradley

Orchestral Ensembles

Armidale Youth String Orchestra Joanna Fairs-Wu
AYO Sinfonia Joanna Fairs-Wu
Armidale Youth Orchestra Symphonic Winds Louisa Sindel-Marshall
Armidale Youth Orchestra Paul Marshall

Music Therapy

Armidale  Fumie Takahashi


Robyn Bradley, Warwick Dunham,
Nicole Mackson, Kees Grenyer

Chamber Music in Schools

Deidre Rickards AM Project Co-ordinator, pianist