We hope you and your family have had an enjoyable holiday and are looking forward to getting back into music making this term.

Since March the transition by our students and teachers to the on-line learning environment has been remarkable. NECOM teachers will continue providing on-line instrumental and vocal teaching this term for the majority of students. Some families, in negotiation with their teacher, may opt for face-to-face teaching in a large studios with stringent adherence to distancing requirements.

We understand that this crisis has placed immense financial pressure on many families to continue their music lessons and we offer many options to assist in this:

- Family discounts for multiple family members
- Extended early bird discounts
- Installment payments
- Family payment plans

Please get in touch with NECOM administration on 6788 2135 or admin@necom.org.au if you need assistance to continue lessons.
For many weeks Program Manager Corinne Arter has been working non-stop alongside our teachers to prepare for the launch of an amazing array of on-line activities for our choirs, ensembles, early childhood classes and some school programs. These will commence next week and will provide some wonderful new ways to continue playing music at home. Look out for our Facebook coverage of these in the coming week.

The timeline for NECOM to return to normal activities will follow the guidelines of the NSW Department of Education. Please click on the following links for the phased transition back to school:


This will be an exciting and interesting term and thank you all for being a part of music making here in Armidale.

On behalf of the NECOM staff and community please keep well and safe.

Susanne James