Creative Kids Vouchers Update

At the beginning of 2019, the NSW Government launched the Creative Kids rebate program, allowing families to claim up to $100 for each eligible school enrolled child towards the cost of lesson and activity costs, such as those provided by NECOM.

There are numerous proven reasons as to why music education is important for young people, including benefits to brain and cognitive function, social skills, academic processes and health. Creative Kids vouchers allow families who otherwise may not otherwise be able to, to access and benefit from individualised music education.

NECOM joined as a registered provider of Creative Kids as soon as it could in January this year so it could provide this opportunity to its students. It has been met with enormous success and support from many of our parents.

It has been so popular that this term, NECOM will reach 1500 student voucher claims – all have been used towards the cost of NECOM music lessons, programs and workshops.

NECOM urges parents to take advantage of Creative Kids if they have not already done so – this excellent opportunity can be used once per calendar year for four years 2019-2022.

Grab the chance for a rebate by clicking on this link for information and application at: Service NSW website