The Mini Minstrels Music Program is an exciting and fun-filled introduction to music for children from as young as 3 months to Kindergarten along with their parents, grandparents or carer. Mini Minstrels provides a strong music foundation that gives children a life-long love of music and is the ideal springboard for their future instrumental or choral studies. Mini Minstrels classes are held at the home of NECOM, Armidale Teachers College.

Classes take place in a happy, fun-filled environment with games, songs, creative movement, dance, speech and rhyme, listening and playing percussion instruments. The program establishes the key music skills and concepts required for a child to develop their musical interests and innate potential.

  • Skills – singing, dancing, listening, playing instruments, moving creatively
  • Concepts – beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch and melody, dynamics, form and tone colour

‘Music is the fundamental art for children. It is essential to their learning, concentration, aural perception and the way they comprehend the abstract. It allows the child to develop all the faculties that assist learning later on’. Richard Gill AO, Music Educator, Conductor.

Mini Minstrels Early Childhood Program 
For children, 0 to 5-years, this ‘music in the lap’ program introduces the child and their accompanying family member or carer to the fundamentals of music – singing, listening, playing percussion instruments, moving and responding creatively to music.  In addition to sequential age-specific classes, NECOM offers the popular Family Class enabling parents and siblings (babes to 4+yrs) to participate together as a family. Classes are offered on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

  • Babes to 2 year old classes (30 minutes) – $142 per term
  • 3-5 Year old class and family classes (45 minutes) – $157 per term

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Pre-instrumental Program

The Mini Maestros Music Program offers music sessions for children from Kindergarten to Year 2. Our sessions provide opportunities to develop music skills that include; singing, chanting, moving, musical memory and inner hearing, and improvisation.
Children also develop familiarity with musical concepts such as: pitch, beat, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, timbre, musical structure, meter, melody and accent. These skills and concepts are acquired through games, songs, movement, dance, speech and rhyme.
Mini Maestros lessons would take place in a structured but still play-based environment. The lessons are sequential, building on the child’s knowledge and experience from previous classes. Children would be encouraged to join in only when they felt confident and ready to do so and would be welcome to observe their peers until they reached this point. Our lessons are generally based on a similar structure each week, which provides children with a familiar and predictable environment in which to learn.
The lessons will consist of both familiar and new musical opportunities. Repetition is particularly important to the classes and provides children with the ongoing opportunity to master new games, songs, movements, dances and rhymes boosting their confidence and building on their skills.
♪ For children to sing, chant and move confidently
♪ For children to recognise and respond to beat
♪ For children to recognise, follow and confidently echo beat and rhythm
♪ For children to have the ability to listen to, comprehend and confidently echo melody
♪ For children to begin to explore pre-notation concepts through songs & games

9 x 45 min weekly group lessons $157 per term*

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