Free String Workshop with ACO Collective

The ACO Collective will be performing in Armidale on Tuesday 29 October. In addition to their concert, they have organised a String Workshop to be held at NECOM on Wednesday 30 October from 10am to 1pm. It is open to all string students who are at a Grade 4 level and upwards.
Interested students need to register via the ACO’s website here:
This is an opportunity for students to work with world-class musicians from the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Make sure to book soon to secure your child’s place in what will be an outstanding workshop.

An ACO String Workshop is a three-hour intensive rehearsal with musicians from the ACO or ACO Collective. Over the three hours you will learn:
□ Ensemble skills
□ How to rehearse without a conductor
□ How to interpret music and play in the style of the composer
□ Performance techniques

You will be rehearsing with a selection of string students from your city and playing alongside a quartet of musicians from the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Collective; ACO Collective.

Who are the ACO?
Led by outstanding Australian violinist Richard Tognetti, we’re a 17-piece string orchestra of Australian and international musicians renowned for its inspired programming and unrivalled virtuosity. We tour around the world representing Australia in the United States, Europe and Asia, and we have featured in soundtracks for Hollywood movies and TV documentaries.

Who are ACO Collective?
ACO Collective is the ACO’s regional touring orchestra that delivers many of our education programs Australia-wide. The ensemble combines musicians of the ACO with Australia’s most talented young professional musicians creating a fresh and energetic ensemble. These young professionals have all participated in the ACO’s year-long Emerging Artists’ Program and have been mentored by ACO musicians.

What’s happening on the day:
9.45am: You arrive and collect a name tag.
10.00-10.30: Full orchestra read through- make sure you have a pencil! 10.30-11.30: Sectionals so that you can get to know your ACO section leader 11.30-11.50: Break with free food!!
11.50- 12.45: Full orchestra rehearsal
12.45-1.00pm: Open rehearsal for friends/ family/ teachers etc.

Interested students need to register via the ACO’s website here: