NECOM is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our teachers, staff, students, participants, clients, families, carers and visitors, so far as reasonably practicable. In relation to COVID-19, our goal is to minimise risk of transmission whilst enabling NECOM’s activities to go ahead. As such, from 14 March 2022,
NECOM will undertake Department of Education COVID-smart measures that have been developed with NSW Health to minimise transmission.

1. Vaccinations
a. Department of Education and NSW Health strongly recommend all eligible participants who are 5 years and older get vaccinated against COVID-19.
b. Staff and teachers must meet mandatory double vaccination requirements against COVID-19 or have a medical exemption certificate which permits them to work at NECOM.

c. Attendees
i. must be feeling well. Please don’t attend if you have any cold-like symptoms, regardless how mild.
ii. should not attend if they have been told to isolate or are awaiting the results of a COVID test.
iii. If unable to attend a 1:1 lesson, NECOM will offer online teaching at the normal scheduled time in order to maintain continuity of learning/participation.
iv. NECOM’s standard lesson terms and conditions apply regarding notice given and make-up lessons.

2. Other requirements
a. Check-In: QR code will be provided on entry.
b. Masks: Face masks must be worn by visitors 5 years old or over indoors unless it inhibits participation in a musical activity.
c. Social Distancing: A room capacity poster is displayed on all rooms allowing for 1.5 square meters per person.
d. Parents/carers may attend sessions where room capacity limits allow

3. General Hygiene Requirements
a. Students, parents, teachers, and staff are to wash/sanitise hands regularly but particularly before entering rooms. Hand sanitiser is provided in each room.
b. Teachers will ask students if they have washed or sanitised their hands and if not, instruct students to do so before commencing the lesson/rehearsal.
c. Rooms will be well ventilated with all windows and doors open wherever possible
d. Shared instruments (eg. Pianos, xylophones, percussion, balls etc) are to be sanitized at the end of each rehearsal/lesson/class. Sanitising wipes, liquid and cloths are provided in each room for this purpose.
e. Students must only eat outside the building and bring their own drink bottle
f. If necessary, attendees should cough/sneeze into your sleeve, preferably into their elbow. If a tissue is used it should be discarded in the bin provided and hands should be cleaned/sanitized immediately.

4. Requirements for COVID-19 exposure or positive results
a. Students, parents/carers, clients, teachers, staff who, as a result of exposure or a positive COVID test result, are required by the Public Health Order to isolate, shall notify NECOM’s Administration Team immediately and not attend the NECOM campus.
b. Where an individual has tested positive for COVID and has been present at NECOM, NECOM will implement the procedures outlined in the COVID Risk Protocols. This will manage and mitigate potential risk at the Conservatorium.

5. Dynamic Environment
NECOM acknowledges that this is a very dynamic situation. NECOM will regularly review our approach and our requirements as the situation evolves. NECOM is taking a ‘how to live with COVID’ approach and makes decisions
based on risk assessments, whilst taking into account Public Health Orders, Government advice and any new factors which emerge.

6. Personal Responsibility
Whilst NECOM can outline its requirements, it is everyone’s responsibility to follow them and to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community.

Please contact Sophie Williams at if you require further information or clarification.