NECOM Welcomes New Music Therapist

NECOM is delighted to announce that our Music Therapist from January 2018 will be Fumie Takahashi.

Fumie has just completed her Master’s Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Western Sydney and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Konan University in Japan. Apart from English and Japanese, Fumie is also conversational in Korean and Mandarin. She sings and plays guitar and piano, but her specialty instruments are the marimba and the steel drum.

Fumie says that Music, as an art form, can create special connections with almost everybody, regardless of background or experience. She says that Music Therapy has an important role for people with disabilities, as Music can be a means for people to express their feelings and thoughts, and can enhance their quality of life.

If you would like more information about Music Therapy through NECOM, please contact our Admin office by Friday, December 15, otherwise, we are open again from Monday, January 15. We look forward to introducing Fumie to the Armidale community!