NECOM’s Increased Support in Times of Drought

The NECOM Board and management acknowledge the devastating effects of drought in the region and the impact on our students, families and wider community. In 2020, NECOM will therefore increase its assistance with an expanded financial support package to help students and families continue with their musical education and activities in these tough times. In 2020 NECOM has partly subsidised fee increases and are now offering discounts for multiple family members enrolled at NECOM.

Recognising the positive mental, social and academic benefits that music activities and education bring to communities, NECOM will offer the following options to families:

- Partly subsided 2020 fee increases
- Family discounts for multiple family members
- Early bird discounts
- Discount of 5% for pay-in-advance fees
- No annual registration or administration fees
- No credit card fees passed on to families
- Family payment plans
- Bursary programs assisting over 100 students and their families, valued at $33,000 per year