Piano at NECOM – Enrol NOW!

After 15 years of operation, we are pleased to announce that, for the first time, piano lessons will be available through NECOM in the near-future. If you would like your child to be considered for piano lessons at NECOM, please contact us (admin@necom.org.au) at your earliest convenience so that we can determine numbers and establish a program for the incoming teacher.

Because of the importance we are placing on this new program, we will be “casting the net wide”. We are currently in discussions with the Senior piano lecturers at both the QLD Conservatorium and Sydney Conservatorium to seek expressions of interest from suitably-skilled and qualified alumni from those two leading institutions, and we have already had some excellent responses. At this point, other experienced parties should feel free to contact NECOM and register their interest in being considered for this role.

The piano is recognised worldwide as one of the preeminent disciplines in music, and it is our wish to attract the services of a leading professional in this field. Piano is also seen as one of the greatest foundations for a number of other musical skills, particularly voice, strings, jazz and composition.  From its invention in the early 1700s, the piano changed the musical landscape very rapidly, with composers not only writing solo works for the instrument, but continually finding ways to combine piano with other instruments, from duos and trios, up to concerti for piano and symphony orchestra.

Armidale has enjoyed a long tradition of outstanding piano teachers responsible for guiding hundreds of young musicians through their early years, resulting in dozens of students progressing through Grade 8, A.Mus.A and beyond. We intend to build on this indelible legacy, and I would like to thank all piano teachers in the region for their advice and support in this endeavour.

Russ Bauer