Term 1 Wind Report

NECOM was very fortunate to host the Newcastle-based Army Band. The visiting musicians were exceedingly friendly, helpful, and complimentary toward our young musicians.

Our inaugural event was an exhilarating concert, which showcased collaborative performances with students from AYWE, PLC Jazz Band, and NEWE, alongside a set from the Army band, highlighting the diverse range of styles they perform across ceremonial and performance duties. Their repertoire included traditional marching tunes, piping, swing, and big band numbers. The audience appeared highly appreciative and enthusiastic.

The subsequent morning saw the culmination of our “Mega Band Day,” uniting four distance school groups and tilbusters. These young players, among our youngest, seldom have the opportunity to perform in such a large ensemble. We welcomed a total of 105 players, including 10 talented army musicians and a few senior student helpers. Together, we delved into ensemble playing using a 12-bar blues format.

Our wind and brass programs are experiencing remarkable growth and improvement; every group is flourishing. If you’re interested in joining us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Marshall
Head of Wind, Brass and Percussion