Welcome to the Grands

Last year NSW artists and organisations were invited to apply for funding from the NSW Regional Cultural Fund (RCF).  The RCF was established by the NSW Government to ensure regional NSW receives its fair share of arts and cultural infrastructure and the associated recreational and educational benefits. Under the NSW government’s 10-year policy framework,  the Cultural Fund will build the cultural infrastructure of regional NSW and increase access to high quality and diverse arts and cultural experiences.

NECOM submitted an application to purchase two new grand pianos in 2018 and in December NECOM received exciting news that its application was successful under Round 2 of the Regional Culture fund in a very competitive field of 159 applications. The RCF grant enabled NECOM to purchase two grand pianos to replace ageing pianos at NECOM and pianos on loan from UNE.

The pianos arrived in April this year and received a very warm welcome. NECOM is now the home of a Yamaha C6XPE Grand Piano 121 cm and a Yamaha GC1 Disklavia Enspire Standard. The purchase of a new piano also comes with additional add-ons that push the cost up considerably – transport from Sydney, removalists to shift the piano into place, several tunings, canvas protection covers and ‘stage trucks’ – frames that the piano sits on to make moving easy and safe.

The arrival of the pianos was just in time for rehearsals for the Armidale Eisteddfod, HSC trial exams, AMEB exams, weekly ensemble rehearsals, concerts and masterclasses. Next week they will be used by many Armidale music students for their HSC music exams.

A grant such as the generous one received from the NSW Regional Cultural Fund usually happens only once in a lifetime and NECOM is honoured and grateful for the support that the RCF has given to Armidale’s cultural infrastructure. We give our sincere thanks to the NSW Government for its support.

 Proudly funded by the NSW Government