Eisteddfod Choirs

Spectacular Eisteddfod Results for NECOM Choirs

Congratulations to all the NECOM choristers in Mini Singers, Cantilena, Cantilena Chorale, New England Singers and the New England Chamber Choir for their outstanding performances in the Armidale Eisteddfod this year. The Armidale Eisteddfod showcases […]

Luke Byrne Choral Conductors Workshop

Luke Byrne presents workshops at NECOM

Luke Byrne visited Armidale to adjudicate the choir and composition sections of the Eisteddfod in May. While here he conducted two workshops at NECOM. The first was with many of our Cantilena choristers who stayed […]

Music and Literacy Workshop

Music and Literacy Project

MUSIC AND LITERACY PROJECT In 2017, NECOM initiated an inspiring project linking music and learning to play ukulele with the development of literacy skills in the primary classrooms of rural schools in the New England […]

Strings Report

May Strings Report

Being situated halfway between Brisbane and Sydney NECOM students are in the enviable position of having access two of the best conservatoriums and their leading teachers when, every couple of years, NECOM taps into this […]


Music, Literacy and Ukulele

On Monday 20 February 2017 the pilot NECOM Music and Literacy Project was launched with teachers from the nine participating schools. These include the Snowgums Cluster of small schools: Ben Lomond, Bald Blair, Black Mountain, […]


Paul Jarman Choral Workshop

As part of our commitment to school music education, NECOM hosted a professional learning workshop for Primary music teachers with Paul Jarman on Wednesday 22nd February. Paul is one of Australia’s most engaging conductor’s for […]